Laundry Dry Cleaning

Dry Cleaning Delivery and Laundry Service

We wash your clothes by strictly adhering to the guidelines on your garments. Dark clothing that are sensitive to bleed their color, thin clothing, and shrinkable clothing are washed with cold water. Most of your clothing will be washed in warm water, like jeans, knits, and man-made fibers. To remove germs and heavy soil from white and brighter clothing we use hot water. In all instances, nonetheless, we will follow the instructions on the clothing labels and your preferences first.

We keep your white clothing clean by laundering them in hot water and washing them separately from colored and heavily soiled clothing. We use the right amount of bleach on clothing that indicates it is safe to be applied.

You can feel comfortable that your dark pants and other richly-colored garments will not fade because we turn them inside out so they wont lose color by excessively scraping themselves against other garments in the wash.

If you have a stubborn stain on your clothing, we will try our best to remove it from your piece of clothing prior to tossing it into a washing machine. We can use a Tide To Go pen, or club soda, lemon juice, or hydrogen peroxide to work to get your stain out.

We can also give you tips on how to sort laundry prior to the day we arrive to do it for you by using multiple hampers. Just toss color clothing into one hamper, and white and bright colored clothing into another. Otherwise, we will sort your clothes for you. We wash the following types of clothes separately: white clothing, light colored clothing, dark colored clothing, heavily soiled clothing, and distinct fabrics.

We also do the best job of avoiding shrinkage of your clothing by drying them with low settings when instructed. We also set some clothing to hang dry due to their non-tolerance to dryer heat.

We securely wash your delicate garments in a mesh lingerie bag to restrict movement in the wash that may loosen and damage the fabric. We will also hand wash delicate items in cold water if that is the best way to handle them.

We use only the adequate amount of detergent when washing your clothes, so soil won’t be trapped in the suds that are overproduced by excessive detergent. That soil in the suds can be absorbed by clothes and get them dirtier. If the soil is trapped by crevices in the washing machine that can also get your clothes dirty.

We also abide by your preferences to use the type of detergent you want to use on your clothing. If you want the clothing to smell like a particular brand, we will use it to satisfy your requirements. We use high-quality fabric softener while diluting it and avoiding pouring it directly onto clothing.

We can also take your clothes to be dry-cleaned. We will document and relay any instructions you have for the dry-cleaner. Once the clothes are ready, we can pick them up and take them to your home expeditiously.