Grocery Shopping

Grocery Shopping Delivery

Sometimes or rather frequently you can barely make time to shop for groceries yourself. You have to be at work early and leave late. Or once you get home from work, you have to help your kids with their homework or take them to basketball or piano practice. Or you are simply bogged down with taking care of children and maybe pets all day and for one reason or another it’s hard to get them cleaned, organized and out the door to go grocery shopping. If either reason or another applies to you, we can do your grocery shopping for you.

Our grocery shopping experts can take your shopping list and purchase all the items you require. Unlike other food delivery services, we can shop for you in multiple supermarkets and / or grocery stores. This allows you to have practically unlimited variety in the selection of food you want to consume. If one store doesn’t have what you want, we will simply shop at anyone on your behalf. We can also make recommendations on where to find the kind of foods you need to match your needs, wants, cravings, dietary guidelines and restrictions.

We will pick out the freshest and best produce. Don’t worry about having to settle for a black and moldy avocado that you have to take more time out of your day to take back to the supermarket or simply throw away. Or don’t settle for using soft tomatos, when we can bring you grade A tomatos that are firm and tasty. We pick only the crispiest lettuce and greens that are not already turning into slimy messes. We can pick produce to ensure it’s ripe and not spoiled or in the process of spoiling.

We also ensure that we are not picking food that is about to expire. We pick milk, dairy, and perishable goods with expiration dates long enough into the future to allow you to consume the foods in a timely manner. And if for some reason there is a problem with your food, like milk that is expired although the date forecasted its expiration in a week, we will gladly and promptly return the food back to the store of purchase to claim your refund or exchange.

We have the quickest turnaround time. Providing our time slots aren’t filled we can typically deliver your groceries to your home the day you order or by the following day. In addition, we will store your foods in your cabinets, refrigerator, cupboards, or any where else you keep your food. Make us your personal stock people.

Upon purchase, we also know how to package food to keep it from being mistreated. For instance, we will package your bread in a separate bag, so it won’t get crushed. We will do the same with your eggs, and ensure they are handled with extreme care. We pack meats separately and in extra bags, so their fluids won’t leak onto other foods. We also pack produce in their own bags to avoid damage of delicate fruits and vegetables.

If you’re in Queens and want your refrigerator filled today, don’t hesitate to give us a call and before you know it, we’ll be putting away your groceries in your kitchen for your quick and convenient use.