House Cleaning Queens NY

House Cleaning Queens New York

If 24 hours in a day simply is not enough to fulfill your personal and professional obligations, and keep your house clean, we are here to help. Come home to the relaxing feeling that a spick and span home affords. You will be able to focus on what matters because you won’t have to worry about taking time out to sweep the dust beneath your furniture, off your kitchen and bathroom floors, off your desks, countertops, tables, and anywhere else dirt settles in your home.

The first step of our house cleaning service is to declutter your home by finding an alternative space for your furnishings, books, electronics, and other property while the space they permanently occupy is cleaned. We then clean the decluttered space thoroughly before we move onto the next space. We follow this simple system until your home is thoroughly cleaned.

Have your home swept, mopped, vacuumed, dusted, wiped down, and simply professionally cleaned by our home care professionals. We scrub hard-to-reach spots that are typically ignored like showerheads. Our solution will quickly remove sticky residue off your showerhead and other hard-to-reach areas to leave them sparkling. We scrub the grease off your door knobs, and other overhead objects in the kitchen where grease builds up each time you cook. We vacuum the refrigerator coils behind the removable plate in the back of your refrigerator. If too much dust has built up on your coils, your refrigerator may not keep your food properly cooled.

We pride ourselves with delivering top-notch service by arriving equipped with top of the line micro-fiber mops, pads, brooms, dustpans, dust mops, toothbrushes (to scrub narrow spaces and corners), grout brushes, cleaning cloths, furniture polish, scrub pads, glass cleaner, general purpose cleaner, compressed air cans (for interior electronic dusting), and other cleaning equipment.

We clean and polish glass surfaces, sweep and mop floors, vacuum carpets, clean window sills (yes, we do windows), dust furniture, ceiling fans, and other furniture, and fixtures, disinfect bathrooms and kitchens, and perform other duties to ensure your home stays clean. We also clean vents, light fixtures, baseboards, we empty and clean book shelves and vents. We empty garbage containers, remove and replace bags, and take your outdoor container to the curb for pick up. We remove cobwebs, and anything else that prevents your home from looking and smelling impeccably clean.

We also thoroughly clean refrigerators, ovens, microwaves, and other appliances. We clean blinds, sweep porches unload dish washers, spray bed linens with fragrant and delightful mists which leave them smelling great with fresh aromas.

Moreover, we work with real-estate agencies and management organizations to thoroughly clean homes out or in which new or old tenants or owners are moving. We have efficiently performed comprehensive cleanings of garages, basements, areas that have been newly constructed, janitorial and office cleaning services, and we have provided full organization and decoration support.

We also finalize our cleaning each part of the home by looking at and scrutinizing the surface at eye level. This allows us to catch spots we missed, and ensure that your home squeaky clean.

We are located in Queens, New York and have been serving the people of our county and borough for over 5 years.