How To Wash Your Car Without Water

How To Wash Your Car Without Water

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Taking your car to a professional car cleaning service can be very costly. In an attempt to save money therefore, most people would prefer to wash their cars at home. As much as this saves money, it is very inefficient on water usage. Depending on the size of your car, you may spend between 40 to 140 gallons of water trying to achieve this objective. During drought periods, there are always efforts to conserve water and such large quantities of water would not be recommended for use on your car. It can therefore become problematic to clean your car. There are however solutions to this problem. Several methods have come in place to wash your car using very limited amounts of water. These water-less methods can be of great help in conserving water. The quantities of water spend can be as little as one single cup for every car. We discuss some of the steps you need to follow in order to wash your car without water.

Step 1: Acquire a waterless car cleaner

A number of stores are currently selling water-less car cleaners. All you need to do is visit some of these stores and compare the different products that they are offering. Relating to the experiences of other customers can also help you to choose the right product for your car. You therefore need to take time and look at the reviews made by other people who have bought these products. With a lot of products being sold online nowadays, you can conduct your research online before deciding which one to buy. In fact most automobile stores are offering these water-less car cleaners in their online selling platforms. Some of the popular brands include

i) Meguiar’s Waterless Wash & Wax Anywhere

ii) Eco Touch Water-less Car Wash

iii) WOW Classic & Sports Box Kit

iv) Water-less car wash wax kit

v) Mothers water-less wash and wax

vi) Ultima water-less wash plus

Some of these products use Eco friendly ingredients and hence are not harmful to the environment. A good example is the Eco Touch Water-less car wash.

Step 2: Acquire and use the microfiber towels

Having identified your preferred water-less car wash cleaner, you will also require at least three high quality microfiber towels. An average of five will be good to have. With these towels and the water-less cleaner you are then set to start cleaning your car in the most effective way. To start with, you will require to dip one of your microfiber towels in to the cleaning solution. You have to make sure that it is fully saturated with the solution before you start cleaning. The advantage of using the microfiber towels over the common rags is that it is non abrasive and hence works in a much better way without scratching off your paint. The water-less cleaners are also made in such a way that they do not strip off your car’s protective wax. This is not the case with using common soap and household detergents. As you wash your car you also want to maintain its appearance hence the need for the microfiber towels and the cleaning solution.

Step 3: Spray your car using the waterless car wash cleaner

The water-less car wash cleaner of your choice comes with a spray bottle. You will need to fill up this bottle with the cleaning solution and use the bottle to moisten sections of the car your want to clean. You should only spray a small section as the solution may dry up if you spray on a larger area than what you can manage to clean at a time. You will need to move systematically in small areas so as to ensure efficiency. Your cleaning solution should be able to break down the dirt as you clean. Solutions that move the dirt will increase the amount of work rather than make it easier. This is the reason to carry out proper research before acquiring your cleaning solution. With a good cleaning solution, you will need only three to four sprays for every cleaning section.

Step 4: Wipe in a circular motion

Using your saturated microfiber towels, wipe it across the section you have sprayed in a circular way. You should be able to see the cleaner moving across the sections your are wiping. Continue wiping for between 10 to 30 seconds per section before moving to the next section. It is recommended to start from the small areas of your car as you move towards the larger sections. Starting form the hood for instance can be a good strategy as you move towards the passenger door.

Step 5: Rinse off the cleaning solution

You will need to take another microfiber towel and dampen it using water. Before cleaning, you can get a cup of water and put in a bucket that will be used to dampen the microfiber towel. You can also run the cloth under your sink tap for about five seconds just to get it dampened. Use the dampened cloth to go over the cleaned areas just to ensure that you remove any traces of the cleaning solution. You will continue doing this until you ensure there is no fogginess left on your car.

Step 6: Dry the cleaned areas

Having rinsed off the cleaned areas of your car by using the dampened microfiber cloth, the next thing is to take a dry microfiber cloth and wipe those areas in a circular way. Continue drying to ensure the cleaned areas are looking shiny and reflective. The purpose of this step is to ensure that you do not leave any chemicals on your car’s precious paint. You can also squeegee the cleaned areas to make them dry.

Step 7: Repeat the process

You will need to repeat the above steps as move to the other sections of the car until your car is completely clean. You may need to use several microfiber clothes especially for steps 5 and 6. You should therefore try to use them wisely and reuse them if possible to minimize on the number of microfiber clothes to use.

Step 8: Finishing off the cleaning

Having finished cleaning the exterior body of the car, it is now time to clean the other important parts of the car. These include

a) The trash can – you need to take out your trash can and empty its contents.

b) Car interiors – you can spray your car deodorizer to absorb any foul smell within the car interiors. You can also take one of the microfiber towels you used for car exteriors to wipe important parts within the car such as the gauge, the dash board and the center console.

c) Car mats – you also need to take out your mats and shake off the dirt. Quick flapping will remove the particles of gravel and loose dirt off your mats.

d) Wheels and tires – you do not want to have a clean car and dirt wheels. You can therefore get some common rag and use it to wipe the flat center of your rims. The microfiber towels won’t be ideal for handling the tires.


With the regular water conservation restrictions especially during the drought season making it hard to clean your car at home, the water-less car cleaning solutions are a great way to go. We have seen the step by step guide on how to clean your car using these methods. These methods are not any lesser as they leave your car sparkling clean with very little amounts of water.