Mobile Waterless Car Wash

Mobile Car Wash

Waterless car washes are regularly performed in places that suffer from droughts. Water restrictions are instituted in certain area to minimize waste and protect supply. However, they are also perfect for people who want to have their car washed at home. Many people are too busy with their professional and personal lives to simply keep their cars clean. If you find yourself just as busy our mobile car wash service is your solution.

Our mobile car wash can be performed in office buildings, parking lots, garages, or any where your car is parked. Just give us a call, tell us the year, make, and model of your vehicle, and we’ll make it look as good as new.

An rampant environmental concern is that car washes can use anywhere from 35 to 120 gallons of water per car. People who wash their cars conventionally (perhaps with a hose or bucket) at home pollute rivers, streams, and lakes. Some areas fine such pollution when people want to simply wash their vehicles.

That is why find performing waterless washes of vehicles is the most environmentally-responsible way of performing a much needed service.

Some waterless car washes are performed with coconut-based soaps. We wash cars with biodegradable and non-toxic soaps that are free of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) to vastly limit air and water pollution. Our wash liquids contain plant-derived detergents, emulsufiers to shine your vehicle, and other environmentally-friendly ingredients. Even our bottles are 100 percent recyclable.

Our washers use a liquid that reduces the amount of friction applied to a vehicle’s finish as it is washed. The liquid soaks the vehicles outer paneling to allow our professionals to wipe off dirt. Our waterless wash formula also includes a protective wax that protects your vehicle’s finish.

We use towels with deep naps that are efficient in lifting dirt and grime off of your vehicle’s paint. If you use lower quality thin towels, you will end up rubbing dirt against the paint than removing it. We strictly polish your car with fresh microfiber towels. We fold our towels multiple times to remove dirt off your vehicle and prevent it from moving it from one part of the car to another. Once a side of a towel we use to wipe your car is soiled, we use another side, or simply change towels.

Moreover, our professionals use only the right amount of pressure to wipe your car’s surface. We are experts in washing cars without leaving microscratches on the finish. We avoid wiping your vehicle in circular motions, so the dirt isn’t simply applied over the part you just cleaned.

We work on your car by wiping the roof. Then we move onto the side glasses. Thereafter, we wipe the trunk lid, the hood, the spoiler and other horizontal panels. Then we do the upper parts of the vertical panels. We then do the grills, front bumpers, and rear bumpers. We then work on the filthiest sections – the lower parts of the vertical panels. And we finalize your wash with the wheels to avoid wiping your car with brake dust.